Is there a guide for "Publishing Setup"?

(Andrew) #1

I’ve been trying to setup my RW7 publishing settings. I get: “Couldn’t connect to your FTP server”
But there’s no explanation of what and where these settings can be found? Which address am I looking for? I’m left guessing at what information I need to enter to the setup - is there a guide?

I’m having to use Forklift to publish btw.


(Rob Beattie) #2

Don’t use Forklift but imagine it still requires your FTP server name, user name and password. Put these into the relevant fields in the Publishing dialogue box in RW7. The path will vary from host to host but if you can already publish using Forklift you should be able to work it out. It’s often /public_html or just /.

Alternatively, you may find some help here?

(Andrew) #3

Thanks - I’ll look at the manual. I’ve tried using the same info from Forklift, but same result. I’m still having to guess what’s what?

(NeilUK) #4

Your FTP settings should be visible on your hosting provider.

(Doug Bennett) #5

You might check out this KB article:
If you want help with it you’re going to need to give folks more information.

  • Hosting company
  • Screen shots of the publishing settings from RapidWeaver (block password)
  • Screen shots from forklift

(system) #6

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