Need help! rw7 publishing


Just upgraded to RW 7…I am unable to publish…cannot find server…I am using “” as FTP server and the correct path and login credentials…still cannot connect to server…what am I doing wrong? Tx for any assistance

(Doug Bennett) #2

Without more information it’s probably impossible to find help. Would need to things like

  • Exact message
  • Screen shot of your RW publishing settings
  • Did you check with a test connection

(Greg Schneck) #3

try connecting with ftp client and if successful make sure to use same login info and settings for RW.


(Doug Bennett) #5

Not sure what happened. I would contact your host company. I’m assuming you got this message when you hit test?

(Greg Schneck) #6

And you did change your credentials since posting the pic I hope… :slight_smile:

(Bill Fleming) #7

Did you just recently change host?

I went to the and got a message that it no longer on this server or the server is misconfigured and not working. This is not a message I would want to see on my hosting company website. :confused:

(Jason Bostick) #8

In your password, you have a capital ‘P’ in your rapidweaver setup, but a small ‘p’ in your email instructions.

As Greg says, I’d recommend changing your password after you get things sorted.

(Aaron Marquez) #9

This appears to be an issue with the FTP settings, but if you continue to experience trouble, give us a shout:

(Doug Bennett) #10

It’s an FTP server, not HTTP. If you change your address to you get the server (wants a logon).
Think it may be the password setting(@jabostick) pointed out above.

(system) #11

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