Is there a HTML4 video stack?

hi i have a page in my site with some MP4 videos inside a HTML5 stack

a very good friend of mine, who is using an old version of Windows cannot play these Videos, i am thinking that his Windows PC isn’t compatible with HTML5, maybe i am right, maybe i am wrong !

Is there an HTML4 video stack out there anywhere please ?


Which HTML5 video stack are you using? If you are using Joe’s, then you will want to your video for other browsers

You can do this with the free Miro Video Converter app, you can get it here

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@zeebe thanks Robert, yes it is Joe’s HTML5 Video stack that i am using :slight_smile:

Are you saying that if i install that Video Convertor App, i can convert my MP4 videos to a more compatible format ?


Yes, Miro will allow you to convert OGG Video and WebM Video which is what will be needed for the older browsers (IE, Firefox and Chrome). The older browsers do not support MP4, so they need something else to play. It does not have to to with HTML5 vs HTML4, just what the browsers support for playback.

Here is a screenshot of Miro

So depending on the browser, you might want to encode a WebM HD and a Ogg Theora version of your video, just to be safe.

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@zeebe Thanks Robert, i do believe you scored another Hole in One with your nice clear response, thanks.



Thanks for the kind words Tim! Have fun converting!!

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