Is there a Smart Publishing Feature?

Dan, Simon,

RW7 seems to be making unecessary uploads for even the tiniest change to a webpage.

Example: If I were to publish a site for the first time this take a while because there will be quite a few files that need to get published. However, after I publish my site is I go back to RW and see that I need to add a period at the end of a sentence and then republish, RW will then upload 280 files … images, fonts, vendor/javascript.js files … files that are part of the themes contents that would not ever be changed by a user.

What would have been a 10 second change to a web page (adding a comma or a period) turns into a 3-4 minute change.

This happens every single time. Add a period and publish, come back add a comma and publish, comeback and change a word and publish … each time the same set of files gets re-uploaded.



Can you email a project file over to Dan with steps to reproduce this, then we can take a look and see what the issue might be!

Thanks :slight_smile:

P.S. There’s no smart publishing preference anymore. Smart Publishing is always enabled.

Just had a customer issue that the user updated a stack element, pressed republish all files, and still the old stack element version was published on his web site. He had to perform any change on that Stacks Plugin page in order to get the updated stacks element published (so many sssstacks…).

we’d need more details than that — got a project file and steps to reproduce?

Silly question: Did they clear the browser cache!?

This was not a browser caching issue, I double checked with the user.

No, I don’t have a project file unfortunately… All I know is that this was a migrated RW6 -> RW7 project.

Hi Ben,

What all should I send? Just the project file or the project file along with the theme and assets? Or should I make the document portable and send that?

Also, there is something about the publishing in RW7 that I do not understand and need to be educated as to its benefit.

In RW7 when you publish a site, RW will make multiple copies of all of the files in the “Contents” folder (excluding images) … one copy for each page that your website has.
This makes for a crazy number of files on the server and I can only assume that it also increases the publish time.

Example in the images below:

It seems like overkill to me to make multiple copies of files from the “Contents” folder … files that are referenced in the head of the document. Why would there need to be all those copies?


I think this issue as something to do with this topic here: related to “CSS Consolidation”.

@simon mentioned that will be fixed in a next update.

I noticed that too. Found out that any page that has ‘Use Master Style’ unchecked in the inspector seems to generate the …page0 files. I went through and set all to use the Master Style and the duplicates went away.

I have css consolidation off too…

I have “Consolidation” turn off.

Yikes! …
I never use the “Master” style … each page is uniquely different in some way. This is going to be a real pain in the kneck when publishing a large website.

I guess, I do not understand why a site that has 20 pages results in 20 copies of every single file in my Contents folder being made and then published.

I also have CSS Consolidation turned off.

I confirm there’s a problem with publishing after some editing to pages.
If you edit a product in RapidCart Pro and click on Publish, page is not published.
This is something that keeps working correctly in RW6.

Not sure if @rob and @gary are reporting the same issue.

Anyway, we’re receiving multiple reports from user saying that minor changes to RW7 projects (e.g. changes in a JSON file exported in extraFilesNeededInExportFolder) are not published / exported unless a complete republish is performed.

My issue is that when making a small change (a comma, a period, one word) that RW7 will publish a bazillion files, not even related to the page in question. The number of files that get published grows as new pages are added to the project.

Hello @dan ,

I am just giving this a bump …

If I have in my theme’s “Contents” folder another folder named “css” and in that folder some files like this:


Then when RW7 publishes it will make a copy of each of those files for every single page that I have on my website. If I have 50 pages in my website then it will make 50 copies of each file and upload them when I go to publish.

It does this for every single file that resides in the Contents folder of a theme (excluding images for some reason).

This has a huge negative impact in at least 3 areas:

  1. It increases the publish time … A LOT
  2. It creates an unbelievable amount of copies of files that get stored on the server
  3. The added files on the server and bandwidth used to publish these files could potentially have negative effects if a customer is limited in space or bandwidth.

Also, I should point out that it does this with ALL themes (even the stock themes), not just mine.

I get the same result as @Gary but only when Consolidation is disabled.

Moreover, if you select “Publish Page” in page contextual menu on sidebar, RW publishes some unrelated files.
Actual page is not published.

Yes, this too. I noticed this last night after an upload. The one page I wanted to update didn’t get updated but 300+ files got published.