Problem with RW 7.32

(Stephan Römer) #1

Hey all,

I noticed a bug with the latest 7.32 from today. When I publish a page, all the theme files get republished, although, they are already on the server and nothing has changed in the theme.



(Mathew Mitchell) #2

@simon @LaPan I can confirm this. On pages where I make a tweak and I would normall upload 7 or 9 files yesterday … those same pages today with 7.3.2 … with similar tweaks upload 267 files. It doesn’t take long per se, but it obviously takes a lot longer than before. I may need to downgrade until this is sorted.

(Simon Maddox) #3

Can you try letting the big publish finish, and then see whether this happens on the publish afterwards?

(Stephan Römer) #4

You mean doing a “Re-publish all files” and then triggering a small publish?
Already did that, same result.

(Mathew Mitchell) #5

Yes, it does the same thing in a subsequent publish. Will be providing sample project file soon.

(Mathew Mitchell) #6

Project file now submitted to support.

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(Mike Fenneman) #7

Same for me … just upgraded to 7.3.2 and a small tweak to a page that would have been a 7 or 8 file publish is now 369 files. Does this repeatedly, not just the first time you change a page. It’s republishing RESOURCES and other files not related to the pages that were changed.

(Brian LaPan) #8

@simon has a project file now and will be looking into it.

(Roger Rayner) #9

I have the same problem - it would upload minor text changes in a page quickly with 7.3.1. Now with 7.3.2, it uploads repeatedly the whole kaboodle, resources, including a video already at the server, even though only 1 page was blue dotted. Note to self: do not install updates until debugged -:slight_smile:

(Koles) #10

For mea small change to 1 setting in one stack (no new files were added) and almost 400 files are uploaded every time

(Phil) #11

Same problem, small text change results in approximately 200 files being uploaded. This seems to an recurring problem that has not been resolved.

(Simon Maddox) #12

Thanks all. We’ve found the cause, and it’ll be fixed in the next release.

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(Mathew Mitchell) #13

Great to hear! Many thanks.

(John Budacovich) #14

Glad to hear you’ve got a hand on the problem!
Good news for sure.
Many thanks!


(Alejandro Velasco) #15

Thank you Simon, I hope that’s kind of soon. I was thrilled with versions 7 until 7.3.2 appeared. Previous verisons of 7 only published what had changed. I made a few changes today in two pages, without changes to side bars, or menus, and it’s been uploading 269 pages for the last 45 minutes.

(Markus Frieauff ) #16

I just downgraded to 7.3.1 - I can’t work with a constant upload of every file.

(Tim Lawson) #17

Sorry I’m late to this party but as I’m suffering the same issue, I’m also hoping for a prompt release. Please, @simon ?

(Mathew Mitchell) #18

There’s no need to “suffer”. Once you find out that version does not work for you then you can easily go back to the previous version (any previous version) here:

(Doug Bennett) #19

No prompt release please. Let’s test it this time. A prompt release to fix another problem with blog images created this much larger problem.

Just follow @Mathew link and drop back to an older version.

Realmac please go back to beta testing each release.

(e.g.,) #20

This one is pretty glaring, basic & intrusive:
Getting a 2000 file upload (in my case) for correcting even a typo.

I dialed it back to prev rev - nice that its direct & simple to do.