New stack - introducing SortStack

A simple stack element with the purpose of randomising, sorting and filtering items on your webpages. For example; display a banner image at random as the page loads, filter a thumbnail grid of linked images or let your customers sort an inventory of products into ascending or descending order. SortStack is ideally suited towards a multitude of different tasks. Taking advantage of the brand new Stacks 3 API, you’ll find SortStack simple to use and customise for your projects.

More information:

SortStack replaces our former Randomiser stack. SortStack has all the features Randomiser previously had, plus a great many more options. Previous users of Randomiser can update to SortStack for FREE! Just get in contact to confirm your name and email address, and we’ll send you a 100% coupon code.


Looks good Will!
How does the “sorting feature” differ from your Filter stack?


As explained in the video, Filter stack allows you to apply multiple tag filters, together with the ability to search keywords. You can progressively construct and deconstruct filter criteria. Filter is an altogether more advanced stack for filtering.

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