Is there a way to create a page without a theme
The above link is to the page that Id like not have a theme for.
Additionally, is there a way to break up groups of photos on 1 page using the collage stack. What id like is to have all the photos of the available offspring on 1 page broken up into the clutches they belong to.
For example the page would look like

pic. pic. pic. pic.

pic. pic. pic. pic

pic. pic. pic. pic

I like using collage because it makes all the pics the same size and magnifies them when clicked on. If theres another stack out there let me know.
the remainder of t he site can be found there. Lots of things that need improving

You are able to select in the page inspector another theme, different from the standard theme.

There you could use

A real blank theme.


With disabled navigation.

Cheers, Jannis
inStacks Software

ok thank you. found the blank theme from Joe workman also has a nice blank theme.


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