Is there someone in the US that can help me with RapidWeaver Problem?

My website in preview is enlarging all the images and placing them all over the the site and publishes that way. It was doing it in Rapid Weaver 5 so I upgraded to 6. Still doing it. I’m using blocks.

Hi Kurt,

If you’re still having problems, perhaps you could post a link to your published site or a test page so we can see what’s happening.

I’ll be in the US on Monday, so if you still need help then, let me know :wink:

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Here’s a link to two of my sites.

  1. Using BlockBox5 theme

  2. Using O Mega 1.1 theme and blocks plug in.

Trying to figure out why all my images and text blocks are enlarged and out of place. In edit mode they look fine. but in preview and published they do not.

Although only indirectly, it may well be down to the fact that you’re using two very old (and inflexible) themes with lots of fixed-width images — in other words, older technologies struggling in a responsive (flexible) web that has largely left Blocks and BlockBox way behind.

RapidWeaver and Stacks have come a long way since 2011 and, personally, I would recommend you use this opportunity to move from a fixed-width theme to a responsive theme, from Blocks to Stacks 3, and then you will be better equipped to make Elvis look good on all devices.

The Stacks 3 learning curve is not steep and you’ll get plenty of support here if you have even the simplest of questions.

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I’ll give stack 3 a try. That may solve the problem for the plug in but what theme could I use to replace Blockbox 5? I liked that it gave me an empty pallet to work on.

There are some great ‘empty pallet’ or ‘blank slate’ themes out there. Top end of the market is Joe Workman’s Foundation, bottom end of the market are some free ‘blank slate’ themes — Themeflood’s Blank Theme— and nicely in the middle there is Blueball’s Freestack Responsive. I’m sure I’ve overlooked a few other worthy options but these are a good place to start your research.

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