Issue installing Ecwid Shop causing crash ?Bug Report

I am using the beta 8.2.1 20758

I had installed a new Ecwid store and published the demo fine yesterday but when trying to change it to the clients login for ecwid RapidWeaver crashes when confirming the new details on the ecwid pop up screen.

Is this a new bug the last time I used this was with 8.1 I think and had no issues


Hi Graham,

This is Matt from Ecwid. We will try to replicate the issue locally and get back to you soon.

Did you happen to collect the crash report? That would help us investigate the problem.

Thank you,

UPDATE: we found an issue on our side that affected new users. We fixed it and rolled out an update (plugin v 1.0.3). Please try the updated version and let us know if the problem is still there.

You can download the latest version here:

Thank you,

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Thank you
Whatever you did has fixed it

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