Re-connecting to an old Ecwid store

I’ve downloaded and installed the latest version of the Ecwid plugin but when I add the page and click the ‘Connect existing store’ button I get the message: “This website requires JavaScript in your browser. Please, turn JavaScript on.”

Any thoughts?

Hi Rob,

Does it happen with the Connect button only? Does the Create button works well?

Also, what OS and RapidWeaver versions are you using?

Create button takes me to Ecwid.

I’m on 10.14.5 and RW 8.

I think I’ve fudged it by changing my email address, saving it, deleting the account and then creating a new account with the original email address. But I won’t really be able to put any time into this now until Friday.



Oho - Matt, yes, this does look like my issue. Odd - I did a search on “javascript” and all, but nothing came up.

I’m not enamoured of trying Rob’s fudge at this point in time - I just put in a couple of hours getting the store setup - but will do it if it will fix the issue.

In the meantime, the code snippets seem to work well.

@makfruit Any progress on working out what is causing this error? I’m keen to implement an Ecwid store but would rather use the plugin than the snippets.

I’m having an ongoing discussion with Mary from Ecwid but I don’t think she understands the Rapidweaver element of the problem.



Hi Rob,

Sorry for the silence here. I forgot to update this thread after responding in the other: RW8.2.1 + Ecwid plugin - "please enable Javascript"

Three of us (me, Mary from the support team and the developer) are looking into it. Sadly, we still cannot replicate it on our side — all connect attempts work fine on our computers.

Anyway, we’ll dig deeper and I will post an update here later.


That’s great to hear you are on the case. :sunglasses:

UPDATE: we found the reason of the issue and issued a fix. Please use the latest version of the Ecwid ecommerce plugin — it should work fine now:

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Don’t have time right now, but a very quick test shows the correct login screen instead of the error message, so that’s looking hopeful! I’ll be able to take it further on Friday.

Many thanks,


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Just feeding back my experience here - I am now connecting correctly and displaying the store details in the plugin, so hopefully it’s solved Rob’s issue as well.

It has. I’ve said so on another thread but it’s worth repeating it - the Ecwid plugin is back! :sunglasses:

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Hello everyone,

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I will work on the documentation on the weeks to come.

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Sorry for the late responds - will have a look at the Ecwid bundle - thank you!

Hi @bentshed,

I’ll be releasing an updated version shortly. It will add custom local fonts, extensive color and font size control for all elements, layout control, and many more improvements.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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