Issue resolved now

Resolved. Turned out to be something on the server.

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PHP 5.2 reached “End of life” several years ago.
I would not recomend anyone go that far back.
PHP 5.6 and 7.0 supported for critical security issues only.
PHP 7.1 is the current version.

If you can I would try 5.6, also I would contact the vendor about the issue you are having.


hmm. I’m on Chillidog Hosting (@barchard What is our PHP version?) and can’t imagine I’m not updated to the latest PHP. My Formloom 3 page is fine and my CAPTCHA shows up…

Thx for the correx. I should have written 5.6.

afaik Chilidog does not update php automatically, i imagine so things that require an older version do not get broken. So best to check your CPanel and see what version you’re on.


huh. ok. thx Dave. What do I click on in Cpanel? There are several php thingys lol

It’s Software > MultiPhp Manager You’re then given a choice of which php version you can select.

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thanks. So should I change it? Worried as @gnosismedia mentions above…

You can update it and then test your form and see if it still works. If not, just change it back. It’s pretty much instantaneous i think, but maybe wait a few minutes before testing. You can also check if any other stacks that use php are still working OK.

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thanks. Seems to be working ok.

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I remove php versions as they reach end of life. You can choose between 5.6, 7, and 7.1 at the moment.

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Yes it’s instant. That’s the beauty in it :slight_smile:


As usual, Greg, everything is easy with you and Chillidog :slight_smile: I don’t see any problems.

If you have a test PHP page, you can add this code to an HTML stack:

echo 'Current PHP version: ' . phpversion();

It will show you the PHP version.
If you want all the info(pages), there is add this code:


…or you can use Joe Workman’s Server Info stack for more comprehensive, very detailed info…

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Take a try at PHPInfo above, it gives you everything possible to get from the server. Pages and pages of info.

Thanks, Doug, I will try it, although Server Info stack gives me more information than I know what to do with it… :relaxed:

Hello Everyone,

Please ignore this post as it is totally FALSE. Our demo form is running on PHP 7 and works just fine.

The original poster’s form may have stopped working after the PHP switch, but that does not necessarily mean that PHP 7 does not work.

It could be anything from incorrect session settings or required modules not being installed.

The poster never sent me the url to a non-working page so I was unable to verify the issues causing his capthca to stop working.


Works fine for me as well.

That I do not know…
@yabdab can you answer?