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Hi All,

My server is getting upgraded to PHP 7.2 for various reasons. The only issue I’ve noticed is that all my forms created with Yabdab’s FormSnap still send, but they all display the error message as well. Reverting to an earlier version of PHP gets rid of this behaviour.

Any ideas for how to solve this?

Thanks in advance.


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Sounds like a question for @yabdab.


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Maybe this will help?

(Gavin Dudeney) #4

Many thanks for getting back to me here. The issue is that this is not an internal PHP processor error message, but rather the error message configured in the stack (see attached). The normal behaviour is for this message to be shown when the form doesn’t submit. However, the form is submitting correctly and I am receiving those submissions by email, and they are also being written to the database, as configured.

This doesn’t happen with PHP 5.6, but the server is moving over to 7.2, so I’d really like to get it sorted.

Thanks again


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Please submit this with details ( including URL ) to our help desk.


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Done - it should be with you now. Many thanks in advance for any help.


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So, FormSnap isn’t compatible with PHP 7.2 (+) because it uses deprecated PHP functions. The good folk at YabDab have no plans to update it at the moment. So - does anyone know of an alternative forms stack which will post to a SQL database, and which works under PHP 7+?

Thanks in advance.


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