Issue with animated photos showing in some browsers

Hello, Rapidweaver Community.

I need help solving a problem and feedback on if pages on working in browsers.

I have 2 pages on my site, in which use JOE WORKMAN ANIMATE STACK to animate photos. Feedback is that sometimes the animation doesn’t work in some browsers and there are NO photos. I like the animation, but if someone comes to my site and there are no pictures loading, that’s a horrible first impression.

My Question:
Is there something I can do to ensure that it works on all browsers?

Pages #1
(on this page, there should be a photo with ken burns effect above the “Red Bastard” logo.

Page 2
On this page there should be 2 photos that slide in below the navigation bar. One has a caption that says THE MAN. The other has a caption that says THE BEAST.

sometimes upon first load, it will not show any of the ANIMATED PHOTOS or the QUOTESLIDER. But if I hit Refresh button on my browser, it reloads and it all works.

The ABOUT RED BASTARD page- 2 animated photos (will not play even if I hit hte refresh button.) I have to republish and purge my CLOUDFLARE account.

CHROME on a PC.:
A friend had same issue. - no pix.

PC with Firefox:
A friend had same issue

I don’t have Chrome. On Safari everything looks as expected – on first load. Although two photos on second page slide in after a delay that seems to be a bit too long (just my impression, you may disregard it). This page itself loads rather slowly for me.

Anyway, you may want to reduce file sizes of your photos. That would certainly help.

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