Animation stack

(Ronnie West) #1

On the Home Page of my web Site ( I have 3 images that have been animated. They work fine but, when I navigate to another page and then navigate back to the hme page, the 3rd image is displayed before the 1st image restarts the animation.
I may not have explained this well so, please visit the site and see for yourself.

(Slavi Chavoc) #2

I see the images animating from L-R when I navigate back to the HP.

(Ronnie West) #3

Thank you Slavi,
Can you tell me which Web Browser you are using please?

In Safari and in Firefox, I see that the 3rd image displayed before the animation begins.

(Adam Shiver) #4

They seem to animate from Left to Right for me whether I am visiting the page the first time, or I have navigated away from the home page and returned. I’ve tried returning via the Home item int the navigation as well as using the back button. Always goes from Left to Right for me. I know that doesn’t help much, but thought I’d give my results after trying. Using Safari here.

(Ronnie West) #5

Thankyou for your feedback.
Very strange, I am still not seeing what others are seeing. Must be something wierd going on within my system.

(Jason Bostick) #6

Proper L to R animation for me as well (Chrome)

(Ronnie West) #7

I am really confused now!
Everone who has tested this for me on thier own computers have confirmed that everything is working as it should but, on my own computer (an iMac desktop) that 3rd image just insists on sticking. When I preview it, using the RapidWeaver preview button, it all works as I expect.
How can this be?
I have re-published the files three times now, so that can’t be it.
If it is working for everyone else, why should it not work for me?

(David) #8

Have you tried clearing your browser caches? Just a thought…

(Jason Bostick) #9

Maybe clearing your cache would fix it? (Whoops, thang beat me to it)

(Ronnie West) #10

Good suggestion!
I cleared the Cache and the History in Firefox but, it did not cure the problem.

Strange thing though, when I view the site on my iPad, (using Firefox) the animation is working perfectly :confused:

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #11

Do you have any ad blockers or other extensions installed??

(Ronnie West) #12

Not to my knowledge, how can I check?

(Slavi Chavoc) #13

Try re-publishing all files. I had an instance where a blog page could not be accessed until I did the “re-publish ALL files”

Good luck!

(Also, I was using Safari in El Capitan)

(Ronnie West) #14

Thanks for that suggestion!
I have now republished all files and it now works correctly in all browsers except Firefox.
I have had problems with this browser before so, I have decided to not use it anymore.

My thanks to everyone for your comments, I really appreciate the help I am getting from this Forum.
Ron West.

(Slavi Chavoc) #15

No worries. I’m glad it worked. When I run into an issue (getting rarer thankfully) it is usually a go-to check - just to make sure. I think I actually got it from this board!