Problem with Responsive Embed Stack by Joe Workman

I have a photo gallery that has been output by Adobe Lightroom and uploaded to my web site. It is fully responsive and works fine on phones and iPads.
But I want to include the navigation on my site, and all the headers etc. I’ve used Joe Workman’s Responsive Embed stack, and at first it appears to work - the opening page of thumbnails all appear on an iPhone and iPad. But clicking on one of those thumbnails only produces a thin sliver of the full photo - and there’s not even a horizontal scroll bar (not that I’d want one!)
Any idea what I’m doing wrong?
I’ve also tried the Embed stack by Stacks4Stacks, with the same results.
I can’t understand why the Lightroom gallery works until it is put into a stack…
Thanks for any help!

Which browser? I’ve just looked here with Chrome under Windows 10 and the photos appear fine.


When I checked with Safari, at first page did not load, but when I clicked ‘Reload’, page loaded normally. I am guessing that this has something to do with JavaScript peculiarity.

BTW, same happens with other sites, not just yours.

Aghhh! I knew I forgot an important piece of information! Sorry…

It works fine on desktop browsers (and in all the preview modes in RW6)
But it doesn’t work on an iPhone or an iPad in portrait mode. The thumbnails show fine, but the full images don’t.