Issues with Embedded MindBody Widgets in Site

HI there!

I have a yoga studio and use RW for the website. We use the software MindBody in the studio to enroll students into classes and have widget in the website that keep the keep the class schedule and workshop schedule updated.

I recently upgraded the RW software to RW8. Since doing so there was an issue with the code for the Workshop widget. I went to the MindBody site where the widgets are listed, copied the code and pasted in RW and it worked. The catch is that the font changed in the process… The workshops font not looks different than the rest of the website and different than the classes page (created also from a widget from MindBody). According to MindBody there is not way to alter the font from the widget side.

So, I find myself here looking for slues or suggestions of where I might be able to look to resolve this. I will try to attache screen shots of the two widget pages.

Also the website is

Thank you sooo much if anyone has any insight : )

Just deleted an incorrect upload here : )

The font appears to be added via a span that surrounds the widget code. I’m not sure what created it. Before trying to override it via CSS, lets just try to just clear it.

In the HTML stack, select all the code/text and use the Clear Formatting item on the Format menu.

If you’re still having the issue, post a screenshot of the text (in edit mode) of the widget code in the HTML stack.

Thanks I’ll give it a try!

Unfortunately didn’t work… here is the text you requested. Thanks!

Is that a Text stack? Add an HTML stack and past the code in there.

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Thanks for the suggestion but still have not made a difference… ; (

One more quick thing, can you add this above the script tag in that HTML stack and republish. I want to confirm that the span is coming from their script and not RW.

<!-- Start of Healcode Script -->

This is how the HTML code looks now but no difference still…

That’s just an HTML comment. I want to see if the span that has the inline font code is before or after that. If it’s after, then I know it’s the script that’s changing the font.

Can you republish that page? The code on the live site is still in a text stack. I’d like to see the code produced with that HTML comment and in an HTML stack. Once I see that, I can provide some CSS to fix the font issue.

Here’s the CSS code to actually set the font in the HTML injected by the widget. You should paste it into the page’s CSS area (in the third panel of the right-hand inspector).

/* Custom CSS to fix MindBody's Healcode Formatting */
div.healcode {
	font-family: Century Gothic, Arial, arial, Sans-Serif !important;
	font-size: 0.8rem !important;
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I will check this ASAP and get back to you. Thank you!

it is working!!! THANK YOU!!!

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