RW-8 Compatible with Mojave?

I have checked RoaringApps To see if RW 8 is comparable with MacOS Mojave and their response is a question mark.

Also RW 8 is not available in the Apple store. Although I remember something that RW-8 would be ready by the time Mojave came out.

Is anyone running RW-8 with Mojave, any problems?


After a rather frustrating day with RW8 I suggest you hold off for a while yet.
I’ve had no problems with Mojave that I didn’t have with High Sierra but that doesn’t mean to say RW8 is fully stable yet.

The elephant in the room is a problem with preview mode switching pages.
RW7 had it and it got fixed. The fact that RW8 has shipped with it is inexcusable.

Hopefully the current crop of Beta’s will make it to general release and the problem will be solved.

Thanks Ric for the quick reply, I’m going to wait till RW8 is in the app store.

I have been using RW8 for months. I think that its great. I say go for it. I am using it on Mojave as we speak actually.


As for the “elephant” problem… there is an issue in RW 8.0 where if you are previewing a page inside RapidWeaver, you switch to a different page (while staying in preview mode) before the preview has completed the render, then a preview loop will start. This has been fixed in RW8.1. There is a beta available of that on another forum thread. As you see, it is an edge case issue but its been fixed. :slight_smile:


@RWRon6 Whilst Joe Workman is mainly correct - the issue may be more with your hardware than RW8. I, for example use an iMac Year 2011 which does not contain an appropriate Graphics Card to support Mojave - so check on the Apple site for comparability. iMacs from 2012 are fine.

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Heh - same here. The App Store even downloaded Mojave onto my MacBook Air and then started to nag me last week that is was ready to restart my computer and begin the install. I left it until Friday night. 45 minutes into the install, the installer informs me my 2011 machine is not Mojave compatible! So it seems even the geeks at Apple aren’t quite sure what hardware their OS releases are compatible with! I’ll be turning off automatic updates now.

I won’t be updating now until 2019, when there may eventually be some new Apple desktops on the horizon. I have nothing that can run Mojave currently.


Since day one of each…RW8 and Mojave…all day everyday…very few issues.


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