It works on Rapidweaver and in preview but no when published?

For some reason I assigned a page to a button but it has the link void after published. Any ideas? I don’t know if this a Rapidweaver issue or a Foundation Stacks one.

Was the page type recently change from html to php ?

Try deleting the link and reseting it.

how you reset a link?

Rapidweaver points out that I had two index files on server, I delete the PHP and it seems the problem was solved. (about the prompt) now I cant make that link to work! any thoughts?

My guess is that you deleted the wrong one.
RapidWeaver will change a file from .html to .php automatically if you add a stack to the the page that requires PHP to work. To my knowledge, it doesn’t do the reverse. It won’t change the extension back to HTML if you remove the PHP stack.

It’s probably best to check the page inspector first before you delete either index file and see what one is needed. When RapidWeaver changes the extension it updates the file name in the page inspector.

A URL would make it easier for people to help you out.



Working for me.

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I change the normal page selecting method and paste the entire url there… it works but it doesn’t supposed to be done like that

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