Items within Stacks page not publishing

I have a problem in that a few random pages will not publish, nor show some of the content within a page. An example being this page in edit mode shows the Montage2 stack

But in View mode does not

A similar page using same stacks publishes just fine

Exact same layouts work fine and now the problem has occurred within a page using Kalendar. I have tried to delete the pages and rebuilt to no avail, deleted the published pages on my server and republished to no avail.

All stacks, plug ins and RW up to date on 10.15.1

Any ideas gladly welcomed, pulling my hair out !

You said you are current on stacks, that means stacks 4?
Montage 2 isn’t compatible with stacks 4:

I don’t know anything about kalendar, don’t have it.
Don’t know if the kalendar page has a montage 2 stack on it.

Thanks for your swift reply. I did indeed upgrade to stacks 4 in an effort to stop non stop crashes on when saving.
Very annoyingly I had rebuilt all my pages that used Collage 2 (which was causing the crashes) with montage 2, took almost a whole day to swap over.

Just bought Kalendar and it appears buggy with one page working just fine and another not working at all…

I find it quite frustrating that vendors simply stop supporting/upgrading their products and dont even bother notifying users of compatibility issues.

Any thoughts on Photo montage stacks that work with Stacks 4?

Hi, Scott,

Indeed. It takes a while to get to know developers. Some of them definitely do not deserve your money. But I can assure you that there is also a group of developers that are fully deserving your trust. They provide good, reliable products and solid support.

I would like to wish this second group all the best for this season’s holidays and for the future, too…


There’s quite a few gallery options out that would probably work well for you. Looking at the link above two that come to mind:

There’s others as well.


Scott I have this stack and it is very nice. Will has a demo stack that you can download and try before you buy, and it is very reasonably priced also.

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