I've tried several searches in marketplace for Foundation 6 and nothing shows?

I’m trying to find Foundation 6 but I’m not finding it in any of the marketplace categories??

And can someone confirm I also need Stacks from Yourhead Software to run Foundation 6? The Foundation 6 stacks require the Stacks product to be installed first?

Hi @AdrianB,

Joe doesn’t post his stuff in the Marketplace. He has mentioned he is planning on exiting the RW ecosystem soon. He’s welcome to post his RW/Stacks5 products on the Marketplace though if he changes his mind.

Yes, Foundation 6 requires the Stacks plugin to be purchased and installed first before you can use it.

Hope that helps.

Hey @AdrianB,

I replied on your same post over on Joe’s forum, but looks like my reply got deleted.

Posting here in case you missed my reply regarding Joe’s ability to post on our forums.

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