Jack images - hundreds of them in my Stack Library

Beginning to get confused with the whole RW interface - so, my Jack images have appeared somehow lengthening the library scroll list by a kilometre or two! Where do I tell them NOT to appear in the Stack library, please?

In the extreme bottom-right corner of your RapidWeaver/Stacks page window you’ll see the stacks Prefs (Preferences), where you can select or deselect where you want images to show.


You’re a godsend, I was going mad!
Shame the two lots of preferences aren’t together (top left in menu and bottom right) or at least the Library preferences over by the Library and the two Library options (double tap on the top one for icons and icons text) and bottom for other options. Thanks again.

So many thanks!!! I was lost in all the new locations of settings and buttons (coming from 3.6).