Library image location error

Recently, all the images I use for a site, plus all images from themes I have installed, are showing up as thumbnails in the main stacks section. When I click on the cube icon, for example, all the image file thumbnails you would normally see when you click on the image icon in the library are shown in both sections. This makes scrolling through my stacks library a real chore. Have I accidentally changes a setting, or is this a newly introduced feature or a bug?

Having all of the images (and stacks, and partials, and templates) from your open documents available in the Stacks Library pane is a feature we added in Stacks 3 last summer.

However which items show up in the main All Stacks library-group is up to you. If you open the Stacks Preferences (it’s a button in the lower toolbar under the info panel labeled Prefs) then the settings are in the first tab. Just uncheck “Include Images”


Thanks. That solved my problem.

RapidWeaver forever!

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Thanks. It was driving me crazy!