Stacks Media button

Where is the stacks media kept in RW 8.2? I can’t find the media button for the Jacks stack by Joe Workman.

The latest version of RapidWeaver that I’m aware of is Version 8.1 (20385b). (but if there is some other source of v8.2 that I’m unaware of, please just shout it out).

That said, I think what you’re looking for is the Stacks library. And within the library, the Images group.

I’m made a series of animated GIFs to show you where the images are and some other details. If these images don’t show up immediately, please be patient, they take a while for the forum to process.

The first image shows you where the Images group is inside of the Stacks Library. And how to use the Search bar to find just the images from the Jack stack:



But it may be that the Images group doesn’t display (because it isn’t enabled). To re-enable the Images group use the Stacks preferences, like this:


And lastly, if you’d like to make a handy way to easily find just the Jack images, make a custom group, like this:


Thank you! Done and done!

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