Joe Workman Foundation - how to make a menu placeholder

OK - I’m not a total numpty, but I watched Joe Workman’s video on flexible navigation - particularly regarding menu placeholders I’ve watched it 4 times now and I just cannot get my head round HOW to make a placeholder for started, so clearly I’m not as savvy as I thought. (I’ve watched a number of Joe’s videos and found them really helpful, but this one is just too tricky for me.)

Is there any documentation which will help me through this maze please?

Thanks. Maybe once I’ve made a start on how that particular feature works I might be able to get to grips with my navigation system.

It’s amazing. Only 5 minutes after making this post I discovered a ‘hidden’ item called Offsite Page which seems to have answered my main problem - sorry Joe, but there needs to be a bit more info in that video. I had to go to a darkened room for a large drink to get myselfsorted. Feeling happier now!

All I have to figure out is how to make the vertical menu in Foundation work like the horizontal one!!!



If you go to the JW doc portal, you can download a demo project for Foundations that has A LOT of info in it for you to see how things work…


Thanks Brad - already done that, but seem to be fighting my way through noe. Thanks again

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Its all here in the docs including the offsite page part and other useful tips:


That’s a really useful page - thanks Tav :slight_smile: