Joe workman's Screens suite off canvas drop zone

There’s obviously more to this menu option than meets the eye but I can’t find any info on how it’s supposed to work. There’s a video on YouTube which mentions it and then says it’ll be covered in a later video but I can’t find anything - or anything on the docs site.

Anyone know about Screens and can enlighten me as to what this menu is supposed to look like and how it works?



Can you give us a link to the video?

This is the general Screens intro video. About 3/4 through it mentions off canvas drop zone but doesn’t actually cover it.



Ah, ok. I see that now. I will tell Joe about it. I will also try to get a FAQ on our Docs Page about it.

OK, figured this out. So, you add a Foundation Off Canvas sack to the page (you will need Foundation stacks for this). Change the stack settings from RapidWeaver Menu to Stacks Dropzone.

Then set the Screens menu stack to Off Canvas DropZone

and drop that in the stacks dropzone area of Off Canvas and it will work with Off Canvas!!

and what it looks like in Preview

Thanks @zeebe.

I’m not getting quite such a smooth result though.

If you go to you’ll see a test site. When the home page loads here it appears to be empty., though you can open the off canvas menu and everything is there.

BUT, if you re-size the browser then that empty page (which I don’t think actually exists) disappears and you get the proper home page (a racehorse). But when you open the off canvas menu, there’s nothing in there.

I’m using RW 6 and all my stacks are up to date (though I haven’t upgraded to Stacks 3.2.1).

Any thoughts?

Thanks again for looking into this,


Hey Rob, can you open up a ticket by emailing support(at)joeworkman(dot)net? If you can include your project file too, you will want to zip it and if it is over 1MB in size, you will need to host it on your server or use something like dropbox.

Wait, ignore that, your content is NOT inside the Off Canvas stack, it needs to be for it to work.

Yep. That did it. I’ve never used Off Canvas so didn’t realise that’s what you had to do.

Many thanks for looking into this.


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No problem, glad to be of some help.

It seems this stack is not within the Foundation bundle pack? Also can not find it anywhere for sale.

Thanks… but a bit expensive.