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I was abroad and the Original Topic was unfortunately closed in the meantime… Is there no possibility to reactivate a topic as creator?
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Now I’m going back to this task and will certainly try WebYep from @willwood and possibly also Go CMS from @yabdab .

@yabdab wrote in the old thread: Go CMS can do this using it’s blog stack. All editable by the client directly on the web page.
Makes life easier on the designer.

So no flat file, no database, but for each new entry a blog stack in RW set or how do I have to imagine that?
And can I design the elements of a accordion more or less freely? So what is displayed in the collapsed state and what is displayed in the expanded state.

And what I haven’t figured out yet is if and how to do this with @nimblehost Armadillo.

Go CMS uses a flat-file to store blog and content data. No database.

If I understand you correctly, you want to be able to add stacks (like an accordion) into your blog entries?

You can’t do that with GoCMS. The blogging element allows your client to add new blog entries from a web browser. Those blog entries can include text, links, photos, simple slideshows, but not other stacks.

@robbeattie That is correct regarding GoCMS :+1:

Thanks @yabdab and @robbeattie for the clarification.

So I will get behind WebYep and Armadillo and report.
And if anyone has any more ideas, just give it a try :blush:

I’m working in partnership with Max and we’re in the process of adding some exciting new additions to WebYep CMS; all of which should hopefully be available in the stacks too. Max is also working to get a checkout page created for WebYep, so you can easily upgrade from the free version to the paid version (the paid version includes the Redactor rich text editor, is white label and has and a proper file manager).

For the next update to the WebYep stacks, I have already committed a new WebYep stack that allows you to generate a masonry style grid layout. CSS or Javascript, your choice. This has already been deployed by a few testers in live websites and feedback has been very positive. There is another stack I am eager to get finished, but for reasons of commercial sensitivity, I don’t wish to disclose it on here just yet.

Bottom line - if there is something missing from the WebYep stacks that you want to see, please get in touch with me. Either I can provide a easy solution for building it with the existing WebYep stacks, or I can consider it as a new stack for the next update. Just tell me what you want to see, and we can try to make it happen! Email is often best.

Thank you very much for the execution and the offered support, Will!

What the Redactor rich text editor is I don’t know yet and I have to read the documentation of WebYep first. But everything sounds pretty good!

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