Joe Workman's CMS domain snag

I built a site a while back and used Joe Workman’s Easy CMS. Everything was good. However my customer recently contacted me and said that an error is popping up. Apparently I mistyped the web address in my Rapidweaver project and it doesn’t match the published domain and a recent update is calling out the error and requiring me to fix it before the CMS is available again. This would NORMALLY be an easy correction however my computer crashed recently and I lost the project and the back-up isnt working (go figure).

Is there any way I can make the correction so that the customer can edit in the CMS?



Without actually seeing the error message I will make an assumption as to the most probably scenario that is occurring.

The domain mismatch error notice has been around since the very early days of Total CMS. This being the case it is unlikely that a newer version of Total CMS is causing the error to suddenly occurr.

What is more probable is that your client has switched from using to or vice versa.

I would recommend having them use which ever one that they currently are not and see if that resolves it.

Also, it is a good idea to redirect the non www version to the www version or vice verse so as to prevent this kind of confusion.

It is possible that there is something else going on. If you provide screenshots or, even better, a URL a more definitive conclusion may be drawn.



Have a look at the docs…