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I’m “trying before buying” Total CMS. I have a regular domain and a subdomain that I use for two related web sites. I’ve been getting a “site mismatch” error in Total CMS that tells me to either correct the domain path in Rapidweaver ( versus or modify the htacess file to redirect the URL call. I tried to redirect using the Rapidweaver edit htaccess button in the RW publishing panel but that screwed up everything it seems. I had to get Greg at Chillidog hosting to fix my site to get it working again. I’ve tried changing my site settings so the URL path specifies as the regular path. It used to be but I’m still getting the Total CMS error. Also, I CAN publish to my regular domain site ( ), but I CANNOT publish to my subdomain site ( ). I have republished all files for both sites with no change. Does anyone have a suggestion for a solution?

That is NOT a subdomain. a subdomain would be

And TotalCms is licensed by domain (including subdomains) that is the issue.

Go into your Cpanel on Chillidog and create a subdomain of

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The subdomain is actually I can’t get Total CMS to publish to that either. I forgot that I actually set up a redirect long ago to point towards .

So in your RW url setting (web address in general settings) it should be:
This has nothing to do with the RW publishing settings, although you need to be sure those are correct as well.
Make sure that when you go to your admin page the address in your browser is:

Put the debug stack on one of the blog pages and preview in RW. Give us a screen shot.

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