Total CMS activating problem

Hi, just made an update on an old webpage with Rapidweaver. On it I, for the first time, used Total CMS and seems I made a mistake on the way.

  • I didn’t have the domain control when the page was made, got it later
  • I made the page on the server (Socfinder - Lastensuojelu) that would be used in the end, after the DNS for the domain was changed correctly (after customer acceptance)
  • I used the test license for Total CMS
  • Got customer acceptance
  • Switched DNS for the domain
  • activated Total CMS
  • everything is fine othervise, but the Blog Post URL still uses the old whm29 link, instead of )can be seen if you click on “Uutiset” in the menu and the any of the Blogs
  • In Rapidweaver I get “We noticed that the path to the blog post page has changed or you have enabled pretty URLs. Would you like to save this new setting to the server now?” when I preview the Blog page.
  • If I press Submit, I get

So I probably made a mistake in the activation, but how could I fix this? and what is the API that is refered to?

Per the error, it thinks that you have entered the incorrect license key inside the CMS Core stack.

Oh man, I’d cheked and double-checked and still didn’t see it :grinning:

But yes, that was it.

Thank you !

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