Stack for a step-by-step slideshow?

(Francesco) #1

I am looking for a stack to replicate something like this:

I am not talking about the animation on the left, I am interested in the frame: a way to guide the user on a step by step tutorial, with all the steps visible on one side, so that he can walk through them.

I have tried several slideshows and galleries, but couldn’t find one that shows a list of the steps/slides… Any idea?

(Jason Bostick) #2

Moving Box by Joe Workman can do this. I know you can set slides and text to sync up with each other.

(Silas 'Shadow' skiá) #3

Moving Box is awesome.

(Francesco) #4

thank you guys, it’s an awesome stack. I managed to recreate exactly the structure and movements I was looking for. Great, thanks a lot!

(Anugyan) #5

Hi @francescop, Did you manage to put a tutorial together using Moving Box?
I’d be interested to see how you did it as I need something similar for a step by step bronze casting tutorial and am looking for inspiration.
Could you up a link to the site?

(Francesco) #6

Hi anugyan,
that was a long time ago, don’t have access to those tutorials anymore. Anyway I did use Moving Boxes, it lets you sync text and pictures in a carousel, so you can build tutorials easily.
I think this example was made with that stack, or anyway it has a similar effect (look at the carousel at the top of the page):

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #7

You can get the project file for the preview site of MovingBox ( here:

There are also some FAQs on how to do things there as well.

(Anugyan) #8

I have looked at the demo site, but couldn’t figure out how the images were loaded?

(Anugyan) #9

Aha! got it figured, colapse in edit mode was enabled.