Just published my new Foundation Site! Comments Invited!

OK, I pulled the trigger. Please check out our new site, built with Foundation. New design is very simple, clean in keeping with my client’s wishes (my wife!). Please offer any comments on anything, overall look, fonts, padding or lack thereof, anything. Thanks in advance!



Nice place. I couldn’t find the menu to begin with, expected it under the main photo but got it eventually.

You have the page name at the top left. This is a link but you get an error message if you click on it. Is it possible to change the colour of the menu item on the page you are on instead of having this? Can’t say that I have seen it before. At least get rid of the link to remove the error.

Drop caps. I have been playing around with book publishing and find it quite difficult. You have some gaps on both pages where you use them that just look a bit too big to me.

Finally, you have a historic building. Why not put a few more photos on the site?

Interesting - did not know that RW/Foundation had the page title as a link. Will check that out. See what you mean about the drop caps - int the Amenities list they are big, and the is only a short amount of text. May rethink that.

How about the drop caps on the Rayes/Terms page? Still too big?

I don’t know if I can have the navigation in Topbar change the color of the current page - nice idea! Will look.

Thanks for your feedback!

On the Calendar page the text key to dates open & booked is hard to read - the colors do not contrast the background enough. Also, what calendar are you using, looks good!

Yes, I see what you mean - will go to that site and see how to change it. It is https://www.accommodationcalendar.com/ - they take the data from various online vacation rental sites and strip backlinks and references to those sites and allow you to change the style/colors, etc. I like that because I do not want people to leave my site for VRBO, where VRBO will entice them with other properties.

Thanks for feedback!