Just updated to 8.1.4 and can't find project files

I update a couple of websites every year or so, and thought I would do some updating this morning. Said there was a new version so I downloaded. I can’t find any .rw files in my project folders. Searched everywhere. Very concerned.

Did you look using the Finder? Where do you store your projects?

Thanks for replying so quickly. I have folders for each on iCloud. There are no .rw files there. It was all so easy - I’d open RW and there were my sites, I’d chose one and update. I assumed the actual .rw files were saved in my folders. I do use the backup feature when I publish, so my next task is to find that backup file on my web server.

Updating RW will not have deleted your files on iCloud. RW 8.1.4 project files are .rw8 and not .rw so that might explain why RW itself cannot ‘see’ them. Remember that the list of projects shown in the RW load screen are no different to the ‘recent’ files that you see listed in finder when browsing your HD. As you are effectively running a new version of RW, there is no way for it to ‘remember’ project files as it hasn’t loaded any yet.

When you load .rw files into RW8, it will update them and rename them to .rw8 - NOTE that you can NOT load a .rw8 project file into an earlier version of RW, so I advise you to duplicate your .rw project files and then load the duplicate into RW8 for them to be converted to .rw8 project files.

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Really appreciate the help given here! And major thanks to RW for backing up my site on my server. I downloaded all my site’s backups and off I go.

Haven’t loved the original mystery, but I have backed up the replacement files…


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