Projects disappeared - .rw6 file GONE!

I’m new to Rapidweaver, downloaded Weavertheme CORP and used it to define two projects for my businesses.
Completed purchase of one of the businesses and I copied the files to iCloud so that I could copy them to my business office computer.
Cannot find the .RW6 project file! Folders exist, images, stacks but no .RW6 project file!! Did I trigger some sort of security feature that prohibits multiple device use???

Have you done a search for “.rw6” in Finder?

Brandon I should have mentioned, yes I did do a search for .rw6…nothing on my mac or iCloud

Did you use “Export” to generate a set of HTML files (and folders)? It’s a separate process from “Save”, and would mean no .rw6 file is generated…

Nik I did save and HAD a .rw6 file for each project…I still have the folder/sub folders but only the .rw6 file is missing. It seemed to disappear after I copied the files to a new location in iCloud so I could get to them at my office mac. I’m completely puzzled.

Are you seeing a folder in iCloud Drive with a .rw6 extension?

I ended up with a folder “Flamingocustompools.rw6” with sub folders “DefaultPageAttributes”, “Pages”, “QuickLook”

So RapidWeaver projects are a special type of project. If you haven’t got RapidWeaver installed on the other Mac, they will appear as folders.

Install RW6 and you’ll be all sorted.



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Nic I wish that would work but its the same on the original mac and the new mac, it only shows the folder as .rw6 along with subfolders, the file itself is missing and both macs have RW installed.

Have you tried dragging the folder onto the RapidWeaver icon? It sounds as though iCloud Drive is failing to recognise the document type… (and RapidWeaver needs to have been launched in order to register the document type on each Mac).

Nik I’ll try that and see what happens…

That didn’t do anything…arrrgh!

@lboyd, I just wanted to ch fm in and ask; were able to get this issue resolved?


Right click on the folder and click on information.

You see the name of the folder “folder.rw6.folder”.

Delete the ending “.folder” and save.

Accept, that you now use the ending “.rw6”.

You project is back!