Kalendar not syncing to external Google calendar

Our site is using the Kalendar stack from Weavium and it is synced to an external Google calendar through its iCal address. Recently, it hasn’t been syncing properly and I’m not sure why as nothing has changed on the site. Now, when events are deleted from the Google calendar, they’re not being deleted on the Kalendar stack. Also, we added a recurring event that happens over two days and that setup fine on the Google Calendar, however on our website Kalendar now has that event recurring every day ad infinitum. No matter what changes I make to the Google calendar nothing is being fixed on the Kalendar stack and I can’t quite figure out how to get them back in sync.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Do not know if this helps, but I recently worked with the standard Google calendar (not Gcalendar) and just using that calendar, it did not embed onto my RW page properly, even when I exported the site. The problem may be with google calendar. I may have found an alternative. Have not put to use yet, but optimistic. Its called TeamUp calendar. If you try it and it works with Kalendar, please let us forum folks know. Hope this helps.

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