Keeps asking for licence

Every time I start Rapidweaver 8 it asks for my licence code. This has only started happening since the beginning of 2019

Hi Paul!

Sorry to hear about this.

There’s a few reasons why this could be happening, but here are the top few:

  • You have a network/software firewall that blocks incoming/outcoming connections (ex: LittleSnitch)
  • An app like CleanMyMac, MacKeeper (etc) is installed that deletes files RapidWeaver uses to store registrations
  • Permissions issue and RapidWeaver doesn’t have sufficient privileges to read/write to your preference file

Can you do a run through and see if any of those are more likely in your case?

Thanks Aaron,

It turns out to have been a pesky disk cleaner app!

All sorted now.

Thanks again,


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Glad to hear that’s been resolved! :slight_smile:

Aaron or Paul, could you please provide more information? I have been using Clean my Mac for some time, but just this past week, RW has lost my registrations for a bunch of plugins - PlusKit, SiteMap, Weaver Pix, etc. (but not RW itself).

I have quit Clean my Mac but of course these registrations are still missing - could you please explain the steps to restore these files? Can I find them on Time Machine?



I don’t believe there’s a way to restore licenses from time machine. You will need to re-enter the keys from each plugin.

Stop using Clean my Mac - It breaks more than it fixes

Thanks for this information. Fortunately the issue seems to be limited to only 3 or 4 plugins.

It’s doing it again!

For the past few days Rapidweaver has been asking for the licence code every time I start it up. In this time I have not used any disk cleaning software.

After a few days of stability, it did it again today. :roll_eyes:

8.1.5 still asks for the licence code every time I start it up.

Updating to 8.1.6 hasn’t fixed this either!

Sounds like something is deleting files needed by RapidWeaver.
Since no other folks are reporting the same problem, I would assume it’s something unique to your setup.

Are you running RapidWeaver from the applications folder?
Are other plugins like sitemap plus or stacks asking for a license as well?

Perhaps someone from realmac could jump in. @dan @Aaron?

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Hi Aaron,

The only security software running is Bitmedic Pro. This has a ‘whitelist’ facility that would allow my drag and drop any file or folders not to be scanned. Please let me know the name and location of any Rapidweaver files that I should preserve.

Best regards,


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Hello Again Aaron,

I’ve just noticed that Rapidweaver 7 was still in my Applications folder. Could this have been causing it? I’ve trashed it now anyway.

Best regards,


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