Solved :- It is so annoying, when i cant remember any shortcuts

(tim parsons) #1

I know i have seen the shortcuts used in Videos, but when i want, probably the most used one, i dont remember it !
Make a duplicate of a stack and drag the copy to where you want it to go


(Jason Bostick) #2

Hold down Option+drag it with your mouse (I think that’s what you mean)

(Lisa Sandler) #3

Not sure what you are asking… you can copy and paste a stack, or option click and drag. Ahh Jason beat me to it!

(tim parsons) #4

@jabostick & @LSPhoto Thank You so much :slight_smile:

Thats the one thank you so much simple when you know how, select first then Option and drag, perfect.

Why dont the Copy and Paste commands from the Edit menu work as easy as that ?


(Lisa Sandler) #5

They do work as easy as that :slight_smile: I use key commands: command C will copy, command V will paste. Quick and easy. Sometimes I do that and sometimes I option click and drag. Depends on how far away on the page where I want to paste to.

(tim parsons) #6

Ah, Lisa, Command P is the shortcut to Preview in Browser LOL.


(Lisa Sandler) #7

oops typo. Fixed. V, not P.

(tim parsons) #8

No Probs, in fact i do successfully use Command P all the time now,

But i never have any luck with Command C and V … i probably always have the wrong item selected, or it probably shouldnt be selected at all !!! But never mind Option and Drag is just right for me. thanks.


(Lisa Sandler) #9

Two ways to use copy and paste. Either way, something has to be selected.

  1. select/highlight text inside a stack, copy and paste into a stack.
  2. select the stack box outline, copy and paste that.

(tim parsons) #10

@LSPhoto Thank you Lisa yet again, i shall try and do that the next time i need to do that thanks.

I have now ventured into the Jungle that is Foundation, in the words of Arnie “I’ll be back”


(Lisa Sandler) #11

Me too! I’ve been converting my website for a couple of days now. I really love it!

(tim parsons) #12

LOL, you have Age and Beauty on your side so you have a distinct advantage over me, a bald headed 70 year old fella with two dogs and a wife to support ROFL