Editing text in Stacks

Is there an easy way to edit text in stacks? I find that, for example, I add a text stack, in goes the standard Lorem ipsum dolor…, but I have great difficulty in then editing it. I click, I double click, click, curse, many times until finally it goes smaller and becomes editable. It’s frustrating - and I have to suppose I am doing something wrong. Any ideas please?

I double click it, but you can click inside and then click the blue pencil edit icon at the top

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Thanks - incredible though it will seem, I never really noticed the blue edit pencil! Problem solved.

There are actually two different gestures that you can choose from. The two-clicks (not necessarily together) gesture and the double-click gesture. You can select which one you like best in the Stacks preferences. It’s the very first preference in the window:


In more detail, the two modes are:

  • Click once on a text area to select it. Then click again on the text area to edit it. (in other words, two clicks – but it is not necessary together in a double-click)

  • Double click on a text area.

The double-click is normal and expected gesture in this case – i don’t recall why I chose to support this “two-click” mechanism back in 2008 when I built Stacks. But I think the two-click gesture is so unique that even though it’s easier to perform than a double-click that the oddness actually makes Stacks harder to use, which clearly wasn’t the intention.

I think it’s also important to realize that there is the outer stack wrapper – the blue outline that touches the X close-button – and there is an inner text area as well. Some stacks (especially 3rd party ones) have several inner text areas or inner text areas along side of image areas etc. This inner text area is the thing that must be double-clicked.

It’s easiest to see this distinction in the built-in “Float” stack. Note that the text area has it’s own thin outline. This outline will turn blue if you click inside of the area – but not if you click elsewhere in the stack.



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