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I’ am using Kiki Theme, and sub pages (submenus) appear in a split sidebar navigation, how can I make them dropdown menus instead?

Thank you!

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Although I never tried to use that theme, I’m afraid you don’t have the option to change the navigation system. All themes that come built into RW are there just to show some layout possibilities, but they are severely limited in options. Some of them can be purchased in “Pro” version from same developer. If you like Kiki, you may want to enquire with Yuzoolthemes.


Thanks @Mariko Yes the Kiki theme is setup to create a SplitNavigation which was a nice feature added to RW7 :slight_smile:

For a drop down you would need to use a theme that has drop-down menu included.

Or hide the menu in Kiki with CSS and use a Stack like Navigation Stack, which has dropdown menus included:

How can I hide the menu in Kiki?

Thank you. I will check the Navigation Stack

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