Photo Album - Sub album not in nav bar & question about deleting

I am brand new to RapidWeaver. I have watched hours of videos. One of the first getting started videos shows you had to make a photo gallery and then a sub gallery by dragging it under another gallery. This is not working. The navagation menu does not show the sub gallery under the gallery. I have literally started from the first getting started video and done the same thing Ben has in the video. I don’t have stacks installed yet just plain ole RapidWeaver. I’m using the Kiki theme if that makes any difference.

I then decided to delete that whole sub photo album but I can’t figure out how to delete anything?

Thanks for any help! I’m a programmer and this is frustrating me…probably isn’t difficult just a learning curve!

I’d get Stacks. You’re not going to get very far without it. I’d also get a good theme. And, if you put some screenshots here, we will be able to help better.

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Not sure if this is enough information but I put the Guatemala photo album under Gallery and the navagation bar does not show this. I’ve re-watched the video and that’s all Ben does in the video. I have planned to get stacks and Foundary or Foundation but thought I would take baby steps and do a few things to get familiar with how things work. Videos make it look so easy! :slight_smile: Maybe I go ahead and buy and install stacks and jump in! Thanks so much for your help.

Hi Laurie,
I don’t have RW under my fingers currently. Are other sub stacks showing as second level in the menu? Maybe Kiki does not support a second level navigation at all?

Cheers, Jannis
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I noticed that the paid version of that theme (Kiki Pro) makes note of how they do sub-pages as a feature. I’m wondering if that free one only has 1 level of navigation and doesn’t do sub-pages?


You want to figure out your theme first. If you want a good starter theme… Id’ go with something like this: It’s what I used before Foundation. or, just pick one of the “Founds” and go for it. It’s possible the Kiwi theme does not support drop downs. No idea, but that could be why it’s not showing.

Then I’d get Stacks plugin. Then I’d buy some other stacks, based on what you need.

Ok thanks so much. Good information. I just assumed these theme would all work similar.

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Ooh one more question. Is it possible to delete pictures from a photo album and/or the whole album? Haven’t found that answer googling or searching the forum.

Try a different theme. I don;t think kiki supports sub pages. I know Split, and Telsa use a separate sub menu, Reason uses a drop down.

To delete a page, right click on the page in the sidebar and a menu will pop up with the delete option. Or just click on the page and hit delete from the edit menu.


If you’re using the built-in “Photo Album” plug in to delete individual pictures select the picture and hit the minus sign:


OMG that was so simple! The one option I did try! Thanks so much. I’ll catch on soon!