Third navigation level for Split theme

I am designing a page based on the split theme.
But I need more navigation levels as you can see in the picture.
Target is to have the labels Simba, Nala, Lisha in one row and if I select for example Simba
the subpages navigation will be visible.
Alternative maybe there is a possibility to add a sidebar menu with the third level content.

Appreciate for your help

Sorry @FrankS63 Split only has two-level navigation at this time :blush:
Maybe in the future!

Thanks for your answer.


I had exactly the same problem.
The workaround for me was to use grids, having the first grid limited to 20-25% of the width.
In this area I put “buttons” which I linked to the third level pages.

Just make sure you have deselected the “show in navigation” option in the Inspector for all pages in Level 3.

Not the best way, but it is a working solution.

Best regards Olaf

Hello Olaf,

thank you for the idea.


Hi there, I have only two levels for the navigation…but when one clicks on the second navigations, the first ones disappear and can’t ‘go back’ and click on them.
The only way to ‘go back’ is to use the arrow on the Safari search bar…

Does anyone know if I"m doing something wrong here?
See website:

Also, I used to work with Rapid Ideas Konzern Theme, and Richard Christoph had all these great multilingual snippets…which I left… Seems to half work.

Any thoughts?
Thank you !! This forum has helped me tremendously over the years, but been about 7 since I’ve been on again.
Hope you can help.


@jennyp I see!

I went to this page and could use the navigation:

If this page:

It won’t work as Split is only possible for 2 levels deep.
For 3 levels deep it would be best to add a link maybe above “what people are saying…” and say “back” or something?

Something like:

<a href="javascript: history.go(-1)">Back</a>


Thank you Michael!
I thought my site was already a 2 navigation level site, but seems I counted wrong. :slight_smile:
You’re a genius. Thanks for the code.
That’s the perfect solution.

May I ask one more thing? Any tips on getting creative with code to make the ‘back’ text a different colour, or within a nice neat border/button?

Is there some Code manual that has all the code I need to do such tiny tweaks?

Thanks again for fast reply!

~ Jenny

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If you use a buttons stack (such as the one in Stacks) and in the URL add:

javascript: history.go(-1)

Then style the button as you wish with the Stack settings would be the easiest way :slight_smile:

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Thank you Michael!

Works great and looks good too.


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I actually had another question, and already sent to hello@yuzoolthemes. Hope that’s ok.
I can post here too.

Thanks for your help.

Fantastic work @jennyp!

Posting here is usually a good idea as other people may have the same question and can learn from any results we share :slight_smile:

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Great. here it goes:
Topic: SPLIT THEME - MOBILE FRIENDLY - tweaking top navigation bar…

I’m loving Split theme, it’s clean and simple, though, I was using Rapid ideas ‘Konzern Theme’ for years, because of the multi language functions, (but Konzern is not mobile friendly).

Split Theme is great. The thing is that, I’ve kept all the previous Konzern Theme’s language snippets and the layout with different languages pages (I created all pages/sub pages in English, and then copied and created the same for Spanish and Portuguese).

It seems to work OK…even without deleting the Konzern’s javascript code for the language snippets.

My enquiry/question is this:
When my site is on a mobile, not all the top navigation ‘language titles’ come up.
On a desktop, you see the top navigation as: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan.
On a mobile, on the home page, you only see the last language from the top nav bar, in this case being ‘Español’.

How can I make it so ALL

the top navigation names come up in Mobile friendly sites?
Can you help?

Thanks in advance!!
Here’s my website:

Here’s a screen shot of what it looks like in Edit mode, showing the nav levels and javascript too:

@jennyp - Did you add some Custom CSS - seems the navigation is being pushed down. If I remove it the menu appears correctly on mobile:

That said the responsive image hamburger for the dropdown is white - so you’ll need a background header colour other than white.

See the demo example:

(doesn’t need to be pink but anything other than just plain white!)

Hi Michael,

apologies for late reply, I was on a plane!
I’ve checked it out and changed the background header as you suggested.

Re: the CSS, where did you delete it?
The only CSS I have on each page is the CSS to change the main images.
See screen shot.
Could you tell me what and where you went to delete all the CSS?

Thank you again, heaps!

It seems to work. But, I didn’t delete any CSS…?

Anyway, no matter.

Thank you!!!

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