Kudos to Jon from 1LD (SSL on his Themes)

Last week, I’ve come across a security alert on one of my projects which uses Affero 2 from OneLittleDesigner which I then analyzed using https://www.whynopadlock.com. Upfront: The theme (as all his themes that I’m using) is perfectly fine with SSL as well as his stacks that I’m using. The message from https://www.whynopadlock.com was misleading (so, be careful!). The error refered to mixed content (an unsecure call from within a secure environment). I reported it back to @Jon1LD and he took that VERY seriously and immediately investigated. Today he came back with a deep dive analysis which actually pointed back to another stack as the culprit.
This tells me that Jon is very sensitive to providing secure code with his work and takes all required efforts to investigate if there is the slightest doubt.
Thanks to Jon and Merry Christmas to all weavers out there!


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