L or R Floating Image Stack with Warehoused Image Available?

Subject says it all…looking for Floating Image Stack that will accept a warehoused image. Thanks!

You could use Floaty by Joe Workman. http://joeworkman.net/rapidweaver/stacks/floaty

The Smart Float stack by Marathia will do this. Others may also allow you to used warehoused images, but I don’t know any off quick-top-of-my-head.

Here’s the relevant link:


Thank you both! Perfect!!!

BetterFloat (free): https://stacks4stacks.com/betterfloat/

Just pop an Embed stack or HTML Stack / Image tag in the ‘float’ area. Content can be set to either wrap-around the element or treat the floating element like a column.

It’s buggy right now (waiting on a stacks update), but with the new resouce manager in RW8 you can add a remote resoruce to RapidWaver, and then Drag them to any place you need including the included float stacks…




OMG! This is awesome! Thanks for the head’s up!

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So far in my.testing it’s working pretty good. @isaiah has a fix coming later today to stacks for local resources.
Allso check out the Unsplash stuff, pretty cool.

I posted the update a bit earlier today. In the end we did not need to add any more fixes to Stacks – so if you’ve tested the beta this release is identical.

If you have installed the beta you won’t see this release – you’ll just see future beta releases.


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