Stacks library Images tab behavior

Can someone explain how the Images tab in the Stacks library is supposed to work?
I have been trying out Stacks 3, and it seems that if I drop an image into a stack image well, it then appears in the Stacks library Images tab. Two problems:

  • I cannot see how to remove an image; the right-click choices (Show in Finder, Uninstall, etc.) are unavailable
  • The images seems to get duplicated in the Library
    Thanks in advance,
    (Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but I can’t find it.)
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The images in the Library show all of the images that are in your RW file. The only way the will no longer appear in the library is if they are no longer used in the document.

As for images getting duplicated in the library, that is not something we’ve heard of. If you continue to have that problem, it is probably best to email us at as it is likely something specific to your setup.

Christi Carew
YourHead Software

I tried, and I saw that the deleted images remain in that Library until Rapidweaver quit.
When I open again the application and project, there are only the images actually included in the pages.

I tried that too and it seems to be the case. Deleting the images from the project and then saving is not enough. You have to quit and reopen RW.

As for doubling the images, it seems to add the same photo once for each stack element you add it to: add the same image to two stacks, and it appears twice in the library (which is why I thought it was duplicating).

I actually think this is a good thing, what happens if you accidentally delete an image? I like that it does not delete until a restart.