Light or Dark ? why

warning - stoopid question

Why are some of these icons on the left light and some dark … I can find no rhyme nor reason


Perhaps a hover-over here would make the mystical more apparent and useful ?

The dark ones are in Draft mode. Page Inspector >> General Settings Tab (1st one) >> Draft box checked.

The light ones are the opposite.

At least that’s how I was able to reproduce that behavior shown in your very limited screenshot.

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Dang - nope, no cigar !

(unless my project somehow misreports Draft status !?)

Would anybody else like to take a stab ?



Care to send over your project file so we can take a look?

I can but it’s hooJe

Nobody on the team here is hurting for disk space. :wink:

Send it over.

Have you tried re-launching RapidWeaver?

Yes, I relaunch every day.

… weirdness has been there for sometime

I do understand you have bigger fish to fry - but if it would be helpful I will send the file

At least I now understand what it’s supposed to do : )

Ta all

Dan C.

  • I have sent it to you via iCloud link - I hope it gets to you

I understand it’s not a priority - more a curiosity

Ta - Jol

Hmmm, I haven’t received anything, can you re-send to

trying again

Dan, I sent these files to the address suggested via WeTransfer

  • if you are interested to see why this doesn’t work

“Your files haven’t been downloaded yet…”

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