Solution for selling more than one quantity with Yuzool Stripe or Stripe Checkout?

I have Yuzool Stripe and Checkout, but I don’t want to use Cart2 because there’s no option to turn off paypal (I only want Stripe).

How can I give buyers the option of buying eg. more than 1 Conference Ticket I’m selling, or a combination eg. 1 Standard ticket and 2 Concessions?

I’m struggling to think how to implement that without some sort of Cart?



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Thanks @goodmanco

Stripe / Checkout are mainly for selling services or your time or a room in a hotel or the like.
It doesn’t have a cart to add further multiples of the same or other items.

So you’ll need to build separate checkout pages for each item.

If we add an option for Stripe only in Cart2 would that work for you?


I have Cart2, but wouldn’t use it if PayPal has to be active. I use Stripe only so I think the Stripe only option would be a great addition.


“Stripe only option for Cart2” would be both perfect and amazing, and I hope a useful option for the product - it seems at least one user @NeilUK thinks so - thank you Michael @yuzool !


Yes indeed Michael @yuzool this would be a great option, feature, in Cart2.


Thanks all here for the feedback - great idea and now implemented:

Quick question for Andrew, Neil and others who have experience…

Are you building sites that will be taking credit card (Stripe) payments only? Be interesting to hear more. From experience, when I switched Yuzoolthemes to Stripe only I started to get a few emails about “can I pay with PayPal?” / “my country doesn’t have credit cards online” etc so I then switched to taking both. Your mileage may vary but it’s a good thing to consider when starting an ecommerce project thinking about that and the customers (not just what the client wants).

But both are possible now in Cart2 - was just wondering for a little discussion!


We build websites that offer both; payment by credit card and payment option by PayPal. I would need both options in one in Cart2 where the client has the option of both. Cheers


I really dislike PayPal (and Google) as a company and try to avoid them like the plague. I’ve never been in a situation where somewhere hasn’t been able to pay me by card (Stripe).

However, I realise that there are many people that do use PayPal so having the option of either PayPal or Stripe, or both is the best solution in my case.

Thanks for the update which includes these options.


Me too, both options are the best.


@yuzool thank you for the insanely fast update. This must stop! :joy:

I"m building a site selling Conference Tickets, so it’s local not global, and I’m trying to save my attendees the higher Paypal fee than Stripe charges. Because the Conferences are unique, I don’t think they’ll mind using Stripe instead of Paypal, and they won’t be put off and go elsewhere.

I have to say your Stripe interface is clean and beautiful and the aesthetic simply invites payment, unlike Paypal’s. And many people have their card details saved in their Browser now for convenience.

So for me a Stripe only option is really helpful. But if I was doing global commerce or facing competition, I’d take your advice and offer both, maybe point out to buyers that Stripe is cheaper.

It’s great to have the option thank you!

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