Yuzoolthemes, what happened to their stacks?

I’m confused. What happened to Yuzoolthemes stacks? Looks like they’re all bundled now. There’s some hint on the site that stacks can be bought individually, but I don’t see how. I hope this is not the way of the future for other developers.



Don’t be confused :slight_smile: Of course Yuzoolthemes are still here:

Michael is still doing his thing… Check out the Rapidweaver show podcast from a few weeks ago where Michael explained the changes and elaborated on his business model:

If you would like to buy a specific item then get in touch at support@yuzoolthemes.com and Michael will sort you out.

But you really think that getting over 60 items for your RW toolkit (including a CMS and a Cart system!) for a minimum spend of $50 is a bad thing?



There seems to be a few who are happy with that bundle:

But we really don’t want to leave anyone behind so just get in touch and we are always here to help :slight_smile:

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I’m not happy or unhappy. I believe you are saying that if I only wanted one stack, you’d make that happen. I own Cart, and you have been great helping me with that. Thanks. What I am saying is that if I was looking to buy Cart today, and to do so would cost me $50, I would not buy it. I can’t say if your new marketing model is good or bad. You will know after a certain period of time.

I think @bruce is right as I’m undecided too.

I bought a bundle of all the Yuzool stuff a while back, but since then new stuff (that is of interest to me) has been released, but I’m not quite clear if I have that in my bundle (probably not as it came out straight after I’d bought the bundle) and if not, I’m not clear how I get it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the Yuzool stuff, and the bundle I got seemed like a great deal at the time, but now going forward I don’t know quite where I stand.

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Let me try to clarify, if I may…

If you have purchased a ‘bundle’, either the ‘oak bundle’ or one of its predecessors you will have whatever was advertised as included in the bundle at the time of purchase. Check your download to see what was included.

Any products that came out after you purchased the bundle will not be in your download, however. That’s what the club is designed for… if you sign up for the club you get everything we make while you are in the club. You’re covered.

Buying a bundle is not the same as signing up for the club. There are other benefits to being in the club as well, but I don’t want to turn this response into an unsolicited sales pitch for the club.

You have what you bought. Nothing is stopping you from buying anything else you want. Just send a message to support@yuzoolthemes.com detailing what individual item(s) you would like and Michael will take care of you.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


What I am saying is that if I was looking to buy Cart today, and to do so would cost me $50, I would not buy it.

And if I was looking to buy a big Mac today and to do so it would cost me $15, I would not buy it either. Fortunately thats not a position either of us find ourselves in, right?


I wouldn’t buy a Big Mac at any price!

The Club is not something I would buy either. I own NO subscription software and I never will because I find it hard to see the value there since I don’t use these apps often. I do purchase iCloud at $2.99/month. That has great value to me.


Thanks for the clarification @kryten. That’s what I figured.

I’m not into subscription software at all (totally avoid it) and I don’t really want to be having to email to ask for special dispensation to buy it. I just want to be able to by it and use it instantly, so it pretty much rules out future Yuzool stuff for me, which is a shame as there’s been so many great stacks.

I know the subscription model isn’t what I like, but I’m sure there are other people who love it that way, and maybe it makes sense as a business model for you, and that’s cool. Everyone to their own.


I don’t particularly like the format they use on their store site either, but the support is terrific… nothing lacking in that respect.

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I think the store model does not address the needs of the “small” user.


Thanks @Pip - you can buy the things you want here individually:

Or join the club and get everything. Hopefully that’s straight forward enough to find the difference.

If it’s not on the “Store” page at the top it’s in the Oak Bundle:
And that’s how it’s sold today (as @bruce mentioned) But even $50 for just an ecommerce plugin is cheap considering you’ll be using it to sell your own things or charge someone to make a shopping site for them? But as it is, it’s $50 for 60+ Stacks and Themes :scream:

I think the store model does not address the needs of the “small” user.

There’s individual items on there starting at $20 so I think small is a relative term. But we know our target audience.

Thanks @LSPhoto what format are you talking about?


@yuzool Michael-
I think your support is fantastic, from what I’ve seen. However, I am not fond of your store model. I bought the Oak pack and have only found use for 1 stack. I don’t like the subscription either. I would love to see each stack offered by itself, that’s all.
Again, this does not reflect my positive feelings on the 1 product I am using of yours, and support when I had problems was wonderful.
It’s just my opinion, though I have seen several posts and others commenting similar.


Thanks Lisa

You can get individual stacks here:

Those that are not available individually and are now in a bundle which a lot of people are really happy with (the support and Oak Bundle):

We’ll have new individual stacks coming soon so that store page will grow. Then you have choices on how to get them.

But to be honest, I think I’d like to focus on making cool products than discussing this everytime I come here :slight_smile:
Back in February…

And I had an email from you about it yesterday too :stuck_out_tongue: I get you don’t like it but would like to move forward making cool things for people!!


No, I cannot get individual stacks at that link. You have a few stacks separate, but most are in the Oak bundle. Unless, I am missing something?

Support is not the issue, yet you keep coming back to that. I have said over and over again, your support is terrific. But I bought the bundle, because I wanted one stack and there was no way to buy that stack unless I bought the bundle. I have still only used that one stack, so that one stack cost me $50.

I did not create this post, as I did not create the last post you mention (Yuzoo questions) about this either, so you do understand I am not the only one who feel this way. I will certainly comment (positive or negative) if I agree or disagree about something.

I have said positive things about Yuzool as well, did you conveniently forget that? I, too, give praise where warranted…

Keep making “cool” products. Best of luck.


I do not like a bundle solution because you buy things that you mostly do not need. I prefer to buy just items that i need for a certain project. I do not agree with the ‘support is terrific’ by Lisa. I have another experience. And that it what it is all about… different people… different needs… different experiences.


Great to have you back @Blacksheep013 :slight_smile:

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My personal experience related support from Michael @yuzool is good, also quite happy with the Oak bundle stacks but as René @Blacksheep013 said; different people… different needs… different experiences.


Hey, Michael,

Like Lisa, I had some great experiences with Yuzool products and support. I love the way you and Stuart respond to my needs product-wise. However, I really, really hope you will continue offering single products outside of some subscription service or a silly club.

I curse Adobe for singlehandedly inventing subscriptions in the software world. I stopped buying their products and moved to their competitors. I will never get lured into any subscription plan – that includes software for RW. Subscription plans = slavery!


Thanks @Rovertek

Slavery is a bit over the top :scream: & Adobe didn’t invent it, although I take your point and they caused a bit of a stir.

There’s also “pseudo subscription” like Sketch app or even RapidWeaver when you pay every year or so for a paid upgrade. Sketch is currently $99 per year.

But anyway, if it’s not for you don’t worry. We still sell single items and have lots of new ones coming soon that will be available in both forms: club and in our store - so we can help “different people… different needs… different experiences:slight_smile:

We’re just adjusting and finding our way so you’ll soon see great options. But I wish we could stop talking about this and let the Stacks/Themes do the talking :heart_eyes:


I started this thread, and I agree it’s time to put it to bed. Zuzool understands that some of us won’t pay for a bundle or subscription, and he is willing to work with individuals who only want one or a few stacks. He has also said there will be more options in the future.