New build not working

Hi clever people out there. An amateur building a replacement for my doctors’ surgery site and running into problems: the home page is getting there but when I navigate to other pages and return (using internal nav or file structure) the home page loses its structure. If I close the project and reopen it is fine again, until I navigate away. Some incompatibility somewhere but I’m not clever enough to understand. Maybe just too many stacks together? Can anyone please help?

Using RW 8.2.1, Foundation, Stacks 3.6 and Impact with Shape Selector, Image Cards, Mega Menu and Layout from 1LD, Scrollmate, Grummage, Sticky Grummage, Paragraph Pro, Pop Drop and Side Bar from BWD

The project is on Dropbox (22.7Mb) -

Thanks if anyone is able to save this or I’ll have to rethink.


Explain further, when you navigate the published site on a web server? Or are you attempting to view it locally?(which is unlikely to work without running MAMP or similar web server on your local machine)

Can you share a url?

when you post project files…you MUST compress them.
never mind…I got it to download.

Thanks Scott, just looking locally or viewed on browser (Safari) - not published yet so no url. When viewing the home page it all works but if I open another page and then go back I lose the Impact images and the Image Cards (1LD) are seen as a column rather than a grid.

That’s most likely because you have no web server running.
Also if you have any php that won’t run either.
You need to run the MAMP app or some other local web server if you want to test locally.

Easier to just publish to a web server if you already have a live site, publish to a subdomain & set up security or at minimum a robots.txt file so Google won’t index your test site.

OK, thanks for advice Scott. I’ll do that (though other sites I built - albeit a bit simpler - did work OK locally).

alan selwyn

After looking at your project file…

  1. on the home page…you are using supermenu on a foundation page…
  2. on the same page you have Magellan Markers that require TopBar and there is no TopBar
    I think the biggest thing is the use of SuperManu…I can’t find any reference for it’s use in Foundation. Contact @willwood and @joeworkman

Note: on your blog page…not working…you have a folder set to /blog…I don’t think that is correct,

Hi Joe,
Many thanks for having a look- much appreciated.
It is still work in progress and lots to do (Blog for instance is current on the old live site and I’ll copy that over later, Magellan Markers not sorted yet either).
I took the Stacks4Stacks Supermenu away but that didn’t do it.
I guess I’ll just keep removing bits until I’m back at the beginning - shame, the page looks and does what I want …until I move away and return!

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