Links cannot be added/edited in High Sierra

I use the old version 4.4.2. Worked fine until recently and still works. But when I attempt to edit or add a link, I see an endlessly rolling wheel.

This happens independent of computer or website/file used. It works nowhere for nothing.

Is there a compatibility problem with High Sierra?

4.4.2 was released in July 2010 and hasn’t been updated since then according to the release notes.

It’s highly likely that there are some compatibility issues with High Sierra.


From postings here in the forum by RMS since the release of HS, it seems that RW 7 is the only version that is compatible with HS.


I work with RW 5.3.2. (5.4.1), RW 6 and RW 7 on an iMac (17" / 2013) with High Sierra without problems.
(Regularly many Web sites)
Version 4 but seems to be very old…

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High Sierra has many compatibility issues with older software. A lot of the problems only come to play if you convert to the new file system. If you’ve got an SSD hard drive, you don’t have a choice in converting.
My suggestion is unless you’re going to stay current on your applications, then don’t upgrade your OS.
My understanding is RW 7 is the only version that works entirely with HS, and it’s the single version supported by Realmac.

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Thanks everybody…I may have to upgrade.

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