Liquid Gallery and Tabs

I’m trying to put a Liquid Gallery Stack into each tab of a Doorbox Tab2 stack, the result is that the images display perfectly in the first tab, but each subsequent tab has the image size reduced dramatically and doesn’t display properly.

Test site is here.

The result is the same if the images are warehoused or drag & dropped into the image gallery.

Appreciate any help, or an a explanation of what is happening, in trying to resolve this.

Many thanks.



Do you have Switcher? I ran into some issues with something similar and Switcher worked. I don’t have Liquid Gallery to test.

it’s funny you mentioned this. I struggled with this about a week ago. I tried all types of tab and accordion stacks with combinations of numerous image and gallery stacks.

My conclusion is that these tab stacks don’t function well with the image/gallery stacks.

I found that moving box by Joe workman is the only stack that seems to work well with the switcher stack by will woodgate. This combination can be seen here in the tabs in the middle of the page:

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Thank you for taking the time to respond, and for the pointer towards Moving Box.

I’ve downloaded the demo of switcher, but when I put the Liquid Gallery in the tabs, or anywhere on the page, nothing is displayed. Ive updated the test site, with a ‘switcher’ page, and put a styled text stack above and below the switcher stack containing the liquid gallery. When previewed there is a query error, but this is beyond my knowledge to start troubleshooting.

I’m going to drop Will a support mail, as they are both his stacks it maybe something he would like to have working.

Thanks again.



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I have tried using most slider stacks in Switcher. @willwood has warned me anything too complicated will not work in most tab stacks. :slight_smile:

I’ve found that works the best inside a Switcher Stack.


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