Liquid Gallery Is Back!

Now supporting a greater range of gorgeous animation effects, touch screen swipe gestures, responsive scaling of images and a brand new editing interface. Plus fixes to enable better compatibility with a wider range of themes, other stacks and web browsers.

Liquid Gallery is a perfect solution for anybody with modest slideshow requirements; but a particular need for more fanciful animation effects between slides. Liquid Gallery has many animation effects to choose from, including blinds, curtains, mosaics, panel slides and fade effects. This stack is fast, efficient and user friendly. No code or complicated configuration is required.

Like previous versions, Liquid Gallery is able to use images dragged and dropped directly into RapidWeaver, images attached as resources or images sourced from an online location. But unlike previous versions, Liquid Gallery is no longer imprisoned inside a small lightbox window. Plus we now have support for thumbnails, linked images and caption content.

Optionally you can embed your Liquid Gallery slider directly into a theme ExtraContent container or FreeStyle banner (without needing to use extra stacks).

Liquid Gallery is not the most perfect slideshow solution for smartphones. You will notice the interface becomes more crowded - especially if you have lots of caption content. But to quote a Beta tester, who I think summarised the situation pretty well…

“I don’t care for how the slider should look on iPhone. My images are always going to be tiny on phones. I will hide the slider on phones and display a simple list of images instead. Most of my visitors are on desktops, and this is where I need this slider to look most amazing – which it does!”

On tablet devices, users can navigate using left or right swipe gestures, tapping next / previous buttons, thumbnails or pagination bullets.

This latest version of Liquid Gallery is available to preview here. As always, there is a free demo version to download and install too.

Use the optional coupon code liquidgalleryisback at the checkout to take 50% off. Valid through until Monday 3rd April 2017.


That looks great. Wonder if it would suit the poster who was looking at Refined Slider the other week?

Great to have this gallery back! Thanks, Will. I just wanted to buy it, but in the cart it seems to me that there isn’t a field available for the coupon code…

Turn off your ad blocker and refresh the page. And if that does not work, contact Paddle here listing details of your web browser / version:

Some ad blocker software sees the word ‘coupon’ and then hides the button. But the option is there, and I can see that 11 people have already purchased the stack using the coupon code.

Thanks Will. That’s strange: after I now simply reloaded the cart page (which I did leave open in the background until now), now there is the button for the coupon code (Also I don’t have any ad-blockers installed). But whatever…, now it did work flawlessly and I already bought the stack. :slight_smile:

A great stack and very modestly priced, even without the coupon code.

Looks like everything is back up and running!

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